Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment

The Calgary Foot Clinic is pleased to offer the latest in laser therapy with the Cutera YAG laser. This is a new technology is showing encouraging results in the treatment of the following conditions:

Fungal infection of toenails (onychomycosis)

A fungal infection is characterized by unsightly changes in colour and thickness in the nail. The nail frequently becomes opaque with a yellow or brown colour. More severe cases involve thickening of the nail, sometimes to the point of being painful in shoes. There is frequently white/yellow debris visible between the nail and nail bed.

Historically, treatment of onychomycosis has been centered around antifungal topical and and oral antifungal medications. Due to the low cure-rate of the topicals and poor potential side-effects profile of the pills, the new Cutera laser is a welcomed treatment option.


Warts (verruca plantaris)

Warts are caused by a virus (human papillomavirus or HPV). The virus is commonly found on wet walking surfaces (locker rooms, swimming pools) and attacks small openings in the skin. The Cutera laser (on a much higher power setting than for treatment of nail fungus) is an effective treatment option that minimizes scarring after the procedure.


Certain types of unsightly scars, whether surgical or post-traumatic, will respond to laser treatments. Keloid-type scars cannot be treated in this fashion.

Vascular Lesions

Some lesions (e.g. Spider Veins) can be treated effectively.


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